The Torbay Chess Congress
An annual congress held on the English Riviera
The Torbay Congress
Torbay Chess Congress
Torbay Chess Congress

Torbay Chess Congress - Acknowledgements

Kitson Boyce Solicitors

The Torbay Congress is sponsored by Kitson Boyce Solicitors. With offices in Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth and Totnes, Kitson Boyce brings together the expertise and exceptional service of Kitsons and Boyce Hatton to become a leading provider in legal guidance and client satisfaction – with the premium offering of a large organisation, and the compassion of a smaller firm.

The Congress relies on many people to make it happen. We warmly thank:

Duncan Birrell representing the TLH Toorak Hotel, who has been exceptionally helpful;

Phil McConnell, to whom a great debt is due, for managing the entries and finances and for his skill, dedication and time in creating and managing the Congress website;

Tony Tatam and our team of doughty arbiters;

Brendan O'Gorman, for making his extensive archive of Torbay Congress photographs available to us; most of the photographs on this website of players at past congresses were taken by Brendan.

Most of the images of Torbay on this website were made available to us by the English Riviera Tourism Company.

The 2024 Torbay Congress is at the Toorak Hotel

The 2024 Torbay Congress will take place on Friday 8th through to Sunday 10th November.

The venue is the TLH Toorak Hotel, Torquay.

TLH Toorak Hotel Torbay Chess Conference