The Torbay Chess Congress
An annual congress held on the English Riviera
The Torbay Congress
Torbay Chess Congress
Torbay Chess Congress

Who Has Entered the Torbay Chess Congress

The following players have entered the 55th Torbay Congress (10th to 12th November 2023). Click on a player's ECF code to see his/her ECF playing record. Note that the ratings listed here are based on the ECF 2023 list effective at the time of entry. These ratings will be updated when the October lists are available. The October lists will be used to determine eligibility for entry to the different sections - see Rule 6 for futher informatiuon.

Open Tournament (No Rating Restrictions)

Number of players: 0

Major Tournament (Ratings Under 1950)

SurnameFirst NameClub RatingECF Code Bye
InghamH WilliamTeignmouth1918173310CRound 1
T'hartGerardPlymouth chess club1746295785B
WinterKevinIlkley Chess Centre1774228399C
MerchantThomasNorth Bristol1415350173F
SurnameFirst NameClub Rating
InghamH WilliamTeignmouth1918
T'hartGerardPlymouth chess club1746
WinterKevinIlkley Chess Centre1774
MerchantThomasNorth Bristol1415

Number of players: 5

Intermediate Tournament (Ratings Under 1750)

SurnameFirst NameClub RatingECF Code Bye
PeachClifford BSouth Hams1451116851ERound 1
SellenJohn R1452118688H
FursmanLynne JCheltenham1609110994H
FursmanJoy PNone1506152293A
SurnameFirst NameClub Rating
PeachClifford BSouth Hams1451
SellenJohn R1452
FursmanLynne JCheltenham1609
FursmanJoy PNone1506

Number of players: 6

Foundation Tournament (Ratings Under 1500)

SurnameFirst NameClub RatingECF Code Bye
SurnameFirst NameClub Rating

Number of players: 1

Total number of players registered for the Congress: 12