The Torbay Chess Congress
An annual congress held on the English Riviera
The Torbay Congress
Torbay Chess Congress
Torbay Chess Congress

Torbay Congress Trophy Winners

Please bear with us as do our "historical research" into past winners of the Torbay Congress trophies (a process which includes waiting until the engraved trophies are returned by the current holders). In due course we hope to fill in the missing cells in the grid below; a greyed out cell indicates that the trophy did not yet exist for the year in question.

Year Basil Wallis Challenge Intermediate Candidates Ralph Newman J H Whitfield
2019 A Brusey D Archer D Wasques R Greenhalgh D Archer, D Wasques S Abdalla, J Glasson
2018 S Levy D Archer R Wilby C Willcox H Callingham A Yanamandra
2017 D Mackle P Sivrev N Mills T Wang T Wang T Wang
2016 S Levy M O'Brien R Wilby R Greenhalgh M O'Brien J Blackmore
2015 H Andolo HW Ingham TV Greenaway J Blackmore TV Greenaway J Blackmore
2014 D Mackle M Stinton-Brownbridge N Mills M Cuggy N Mills E Kelly
2013 AW Brusey AM Dunn TV Greenaway P McConnell TV Greenaway V Ramesh
2012 A Batson HW Ingham JE Dean M Cuggy GJ Jenkins R Whittington
2011 D Mackle IS Annetts M Cuggy A Tatam A Tatam T Slade
2010 D Mackle HW Ingham PE Halmkin CE Keen J Leung
2009 D Mackle SW Schofield FL Sugden FL Sugden
2008 AM Dunn IS Annetts
2007 AW Brusey R Thompson R Thompson
2006 AM Dunn SW Schofield P Hills
2004 AW Brusey J Parker R Thompson
2003 AW Brusey IS Annetts J Philby O Stopp RC Wilby
2002 AW Brusey A Pinkerton N Tidy, AD Wright T Marsden T Marsden
2001 DR Cowley A Pinkerton D Orton D Orton
2000 DR Cowley HW Ingham A Tatam A Tatam
1999 AM Dunn JH Whitfield TE Stephenson
1998 D Hodge M Cuggy J Walker
1997 AW Brusey P Grist MC England
1996 D Hodge LDA Adams DC Scott
1995 AW Brusey BH Boomsma P Bond
1994 AW Brusey JR Crampton AS Clarke
1993 MJ Kelly JG Gorodi FW Smith
1992 PA Aston E Mensch FW Smith
1991 PA Aston SJ Levy LDA Adams
1990 GW Lane BH Boomsma FW Smith
1989 TF Thynne AW Brusey CD Masters
1988 GW Lane D Newhouse
1987 GW Lane TF Thynne RE Hurd
1986 J Walker AW Brusey L Moate
1985 AK Boyne PA Aston E Hampton
1984 AW Brusey AW Brusey
1982 PL Walden JE Jones
1981 AK Swift JE Jones A Barrett
1980 GW Lane
1979 JE Jones AJL Wade
1978 PL Walden
1977 PL Walden GW Lane C Lowe
1976 PL Walden SA Wilkes
1975 TF Thynne
1974 J Meadows
1973 J Meadows
1972 PE Halmkin
1970 ME Blake
1969 ME Blake
1968 IS Annetts P Halmkin
1967 JE Jones KS Procter
1966 JE Jones IS Annetts
1965 JE Jones IS Annetts
1964 JE Jones
1963 JE Jones,
RK Moseley
1961 JE Jones,
RS Thynne
1960 JE Jones
1959 JE Jones,
IF Grix
1958 JE Jones