The Torbay Chess Congress
An annual congress held on the English Riviera
The Torbay Congress
Torbay Chess Congress
Torbay Chess Congress

45th Torbay League Congress

Held at the Riviera International Conference Center, Seafront,  Torquay.

18th to 20th November 2011

English Chess Federation 2011 Grand Prix Event

Prize Money (including Grading prizes and British Championships Bursary)

Entry Form £Actually Paid £
British Championships Bursary100100
No other categories of prizes

The Congress was held in the Rosetor Suite, which is very popular with the players. Trefor Thynne, President of the Torbay Chess League, opened the Congress welcoming the players to the 45th Torbay Congress.

The Congress is run on the basis of four sections, Swiss pairing system with a very experience Control Team of Ewart Smith (Senior Arbiter), Open; Raymond Chubb, Major; Victor Cross, Intermediate; John Ariss, Minor.

The results of the Open, Major (under 170), Intermediate (under 150) and Minor (under 120) are given below. The full Progress Charts can be also be viewed on the ChessDevon web site.


The Open was closely contested going into the last round, with Keith Arkell G.M. and Dominic Mackle both on 3.5 points with three other players close behind on 3 points.

The following top score pairings for the final round:

  • Keith Arkell G.M. (w) Grade 226 on 3.5 points against Dominic Mackle (b) Grade 197 on 3.5 points.
  • Michael Waddington (w) Grade 187 on 3 points against Richard Webster (b) Grade172 on 3 points.
  • Adrian Archer-Lock (w) Grade 179 on 3 points against Niel Carr (b) Grade 190est. on 2.5 points.

First Place

The Open was won jointly by Keith Arkell G.M. (Chaddleton), Dominic Mackle (Newton Abbot) and Richard Webster (West Bridgeford), each on 4/5, winning £130 each.

180 to 174 Inclusive Grading Prize

Won jointly by Adrian Archer-Lock (Maidenhead) Grade 179 and David Littlejohns (Taunton) Grade 174, winning £15 each.

Under 174 Grading Prize

Won by John Stephenson (Exmouth) Grade 173, winning £30.

MAJOR (grade under 170)

The Major was closely contested into the last round with Paul Jackson leading on 3.5, with three other players on 3.

Following top score pairings for the final round:

  • Ivor Annetts (w) Grade 152 against Paul Jackson (b) Grade 166. 
  • Richard Desmedt  (w) Grade 155  against Roger Greatorex (b) Grade 154.

A number of players on 2.5 had a chance of coming in the three top prizes.

First Place

The Major was won jointly by Paul Jackson (Coulsdon) and Richard Desmedt (Wombwell) on 4/5, winning £90 each.

Third Place

  • Ronnie Burton (Weymouth) on 3.5/5 Grade 160, winning £40
  • Ivor Annetts (Tiverton) on 3.5/5 Grade 152. Choosing to take under 152 Prize Grading Prize.

156 to 153 inclusive Grading Prize: Won by Roger Greatorex (Llangollen) Grade 154, on 3/5 points. Winning £30.

152 and under Grading Prize

Won by Ivor Annetts (Tiverton) Grade 152, on 3.5 points, winning £30.

INTERMEDIATE (grade under 150)

The Intermediate had a clear leader on 4 points into the last round with four players on 3.5 points, with the following top score pairings for the final round:

  • Nigel Dicker (w) Grade 139 against Peter Dimond (b) Grade 135
  • Mathew Wilson (w) Grade 136 against Ben Wilkinson (b) Grade 137
  • David Buttell (w) Grade 146 con. against Timothy Crouch (b) Grade 134

Equal First Place

The final result ended in a 2-way tie for first place Nigel Dicker (Glastonbury) and Mathew Wilson (Wigston) on 4.5 points, each winning £90.

Third Place

Alan Papier (Bristol and Clifton) Grade 140 on 4 points.

139 to 134 inclusive Grading Prize

Jointly won by Peter Dimond (Bath), Timithy Crouch (Kings Head), David Gilbert (DHSS);

133 to 126 inclusive Grading Prize

Won by Michael Cuggy (Brixham) Grade 133 on 4 points.

Under 125 Grading Prize

Won jointly by Theo Slade (Barnstaple), David Jenkins (Camborne) and Stuart Ross (Shifnal and Telford)

MINOR (grade under 120)

The Minor had a clear leader on 4 points into the last round with one player on 3.5 points, with 6 players on 3 points.The following were the top score pairings for the final round:

  • Jacquie Barber-Lafon (w) Grade 113 on 4 points against Tony Tatam  (b) Grade 116 on 3.5 points.
  • Hazel Welch (w)   Grade 115 against Marian Cox (b) Grade 105.
  • Alan Fraser (w) Grade 110 against David Healy Grade 116.
  • Philip Spargo (w) Grade 114 against Ian Bowman Grade 103.

First Place

Winner of the Minor was by Tony Tatam (Plymouth) scoring 4.5 / 5 points. Winning £110

Equal Third Place

  • Jacque Barber-Lafon (Newton Abbot)
  • Hazel Welch (Seaton)
  • Alan Fraser (Beckham and Bromley)

scoring 4 / 5 and winning £37 each.

Under 110 Grading Prize

Won by Ian Bowman (Liskeard) on 3.5 points, winning £30.

Under 96 Grading Prize

Shared between Brian Aldwin (Exeter) and Geoffrey Jenkins (Exeter), each on 3 points, winning £15 each.

Torbay Individual Championships (Incorporated in the Congress)

OpenBasil Wallis CupDominic Mackle (Newton Abbot)
MajorChallenge CupIvor Annetts (Tiverton
IntermediateIntermediate CupMichael Cuggy (Brixham)
MinorCandidates CupTony Tatam (Plymouth)

Best Score by a Devon Player in the Graded Sections

Winner of the Ralph Newman Cup: Tony Tatam (Plymouth)

Best Score by a Junior

John Whitfield Cup, awarded to the best junior score across all 4 sections. The winner was Theodore Slade in the Intermediate Section scoring 3 from 5 at the age of 11 years, Grade 122.

A £2 discount WAS offered to all ECF members in ALL tournaments.

The Riviera International Conference Centre – a thank you

The Torbay League wish to thank the Riviera International Conference Centre (RICC) for hosting the 45th Torbay Chess Congress.

The Rosetor Suite venue was highly suitable and very popular with all the players. The Congress is a Grand Prix event and its continuing success would be ensured if hosted at the RICC in future years.

The RICC management did an excellent job in providing excellent facilities and assistance thus ensuring this Congress’s success. The RICC staff, that were working during the Congress, were very helpful and pleasant and are to be congratulated.

Raymond W. Chubb
Torbay Congress
22 November 2011